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I was born in Kaarlela, which was incorporated in 1977 in Kokkola. I moved to Loviisa with my parents when I was four years old. Although I was not born in Loviisa, I grew up in the city, leaving only to study 4 years in Helsinki and returning as soon as the studies were finished.



In Loviisa, I have studied elementary and vocational school from which I graduated as a Production Mechanic. During summer, I have had opportunities working for Teklab, Loviisa Iron, IVO (now Fortum) and Cafe Saltbodan. I served in the military in Kirkonmaa, Upinniemi and Kokkola areas. Once my military service was finished, I went back to studies, but this time in Helsinki, at the Helsinki Institute of Technology, from where I graduated as a Technician in mechanical and metal engineering. In 1998, I came back and I started my career in Loviisa nuclear power industry, from where I built my career working as an operator, project engineer, and currently acting as both project manager and process specialist.



We are a team. My wife and I. There is nothing that I can’t do or won’t do for our girls and vice versa; the household responsibilities are naturaly equaly shared and it is this team approach, that allow us, whenever there are more busy days than others, to have quality time with the girls. This is the reason my wife and girls supported my politic career. They know that her husband, their father, will be always there for them.

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I am a 48 year old municipal councilor and I am running as a Kokoomus candidate for regional councilor of Itä-Uusimaa in 2022. I would have the honor to represent the residents of Loviisa in the regional council as well.

My goal is smoother welfare services cost-effectively with common sense. I do not support the provincial tax in preparation.

I also support the expansion of the use of service vouchers, the development of Kela reimbursement for private medical care, a nationwide therapy guarantee and the improvement of the position of carers. People should be assured of a genuine choice to choose their own service provider.

I believe that the availability of services and access to care should be improved, for example, by introducing remote receptions in SOTE centers in all welfare areas.

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